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Sat 05 Sep 09 | To: Health On the Net | Re: Confirmation of receipt of complaint

Posted by bradfieldresident on 5 September 2009

From: Bradfield Resident <>
Date: Saturday 05 September 2009 21:48 (+10)
Subject: Re: Confirmation of receipt of complaint

HONcode Team,

I am yet to receive a response with regards to my complaint about the Australian Dental Association website ( which I made over a week ago. I sent an email to on Tuesday 25 August — see a copy at — and subsequently used your online compliance violation form on Friday 28 August (the receipt for which is below).

The ADA website still shows an apparently valid HONcode seal, and the HONcode verification page still shows “REEXAM” status, as it did when I first looked on 25 August.

Bradfield Resident
Sydney, Australia

Saturday 5 September 2009

Quoted text:
Fri 28 Aug 09 | From: Health On the Net | Confirmation of receipt of complaint

Bradfield Resident


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