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Wed 10 Mar 10 | To: Senator Stephen Conroy – Minister for BCDE | Cyber Safety Plan

Posted by bradfieldresident on 10 March 2010

[Note: instances of “BDCE” are mistakes, and should be “BCDE” for “Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy”]

From: […]
Date: Wednesday 10 March 2010 00:30 (+11)
Subject: Cyber Safety Plan
To: Senator Stephen Conroy – Minister for BCDE
Cc: Tony Smith MP – Shadow Minister for BDCE, Paul Fletcher MP – Member for Bradfield, Senator Scott Ludlam – Australian Greens spokesperson for BDCE

Senator Conroy,

from some time before 11:30pm (AEDT) on Tuesday 09 March 2010 I have been trying to access the “cybersafetyplan” page on the DBCDE website, but, as my browser informs me, “The server at is taking too long to respond.”

How often is this website unavailable? Does the department maintain statistics on availability?

If the content allegedly provided at is available in document form (printed or electronic), please have someone in your department forward a copy to me.

I am also interested to know, since it seems the vast majority of people I have spoken to, or hear or read about in the news, object to a mandatory internet filter, who exactly, aside from your department, are actually in favour of and support it. Indeed, given the severe technical limitations of the proposed filter, I would like to know who proposed and drafted it in the first place.

I am deeply concerned that the filter, if it is implemented, will use a secret list of web sites, and especially that it could be the case that sites or pages that end up on the list – for whatever reason, legitimate or not – might not have any option to be removed from the list, or even be confirmed as to whether on the list or not. As the minister I am sure you are aware that such a system is obviously and easily open to abuse (either now or in the future) by design, not specifically by the good intentions (or not) of any particular people involved. If you or your department have done a thorough analysis of this risk and its implications, and subsequently found that this risk can, to a very high degree of certainty, be removed, please enlighten me with the department’s answer to this dire threat to freedom and democracy. Without a detailed guarantee of transparency and/or protection (by methodology, not just a promise) from these potential abuses, I cannot believe that the proposed filter is anything other than a tool for censorship; the thin end of the wedge, being hardware, software and processes installed at ISPs, as well as legislation, subject to feature creep, if you will, including unreasonable surveillance and spying on ordinary citizens, as well as reducing the possibilities for free and equitable access to communication (in this case via the medium of the internet).

As a final note, about one hour since finding the DBCDE website unavailable, I find this still to be the case. A federal government department’s website should not be unavailable for this long without a serious excuse in the order of serious internet backbone failure or sustained denial of service attack. It does, however, serve to illustrate that the government would do better trying to improve access to content instead of actively trying to do the opposite.



Email: [email]

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Fri 06 Nov 09 | To: The Department of Health and Ageing | Private health insurance – legislation

Posted by bradfieldresident on 6 November 2009

[This message was posted via the Contact the Department feedback form on the Department of Health and Ageing website]

091106 - Private health insurance - legislation

Department of Health and Ageing screenshot

From: Bradfield Resident
Date: Friday 6 November 2009 16:06 (+11)  (approx)
To: The Department of Health and Ageing
Via: Contact the Department feedback form

The “Private health insurance – legislation” page

holds a notice, “This page is currently being updated.”

When was that notice posted, and when will the page actually be updated? The page also shows “Page last modified: 03 June, 2008”.

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