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Thu 19 Nov 09 | From: Carmel Tebbutt MP to Barry O’Farrell MP | Re: Stop the Coercive and Mandatory Immunisation (NSW) AHFA Petition

Posted by bradfieldresident on 19 November 2009

[This letter was forwarded by Barry O’Farrel MP with his 25 November letter in response to an email sent for the Stop the Coercive and Mandatory Immunisation (NSW) petition on the Health Petitions Australia website.]

Carmel Tebbutt MP
Deputy Premier | Minister for Health

Letter from Carmel Tebbutt MP to Barry O'Farrell MP (2009-11-19)

19 NOV 2009

Mr B O’Farrell MP
Member for Ku-ring-gai
27 Redleaf Avenue


Dear Mr O’Farrell,

Thank you for your representations on behalf of […], […], concerning immunisation.

The petition submitted by […] raises concerns about NSW Health Policy Directive PD2007_006 Occupational assessment, screening and vaccination against specified infectious diseases. Health facilities have a duty of care under occupational health and safety legislation to protect their staff, patients and other users of the health system from the risk of preventable illness, injury or death. I am advised that this policy directive provides a safe environment for staff and patients within NSW Health facilities by promoting vaccination against a number of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases.

I am advised that, under the Policy Directive, health care workers who are existing staff are encouraged to provide evidence of their protection against the specified diseases and are to receive vaccination where they are not already protected against a disease. New recruits and health care students are required to provide evidence of their protection against the specified diseases before they commence work in a clinical area or before they commence their student clinical placements. This is to ensure that they are not placed at risk of acquiring or transmitting one of the infectious diseases when they commence in the workplace.

The petition then raises a number of concerns about immunisation of infants and children. These arguments have been previously raised by individuals and organisations that are concerned about immunisation. The Australian Government has published a booklet to provide balanced, evidence-based answers to these concerns. The booklet, immunisation myths and realities: responding to arguments against immunisation, 4th edition, is available to order or download from:

Thank you for bringing […]’s issues to my attention. Should […] require further information, please ask him to contact Su Reid, Senior Policy Officer, Immunisation Unit, NSW Department of Health, on (02) 9391 9210.

Yours sincerely


Carmel Tebbutt MP
Deputy Premier
Minister for Health

Level 30, Governor Macquarie Tower | 1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW 2000 | p 9228 4866 | f 9228 4855


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