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Thu 03 Sep 09 | To: Fay Gardner (DoH) | Mercury in the swine flu vaccine – and what else?

Posted by bradfieldresident on 3 September 2009

From: Bradfield Resident <>
Date: Thursday 03 September 2009 16:48 (+10)
Subject: Mercury in the swine flu vaccine – and what else?
To: Ms Fay Gardner <>, Dr Rachel David [CSL Director of Public Affairs]
Cc:, NIR.Incident.Coordinator, NIR.Operations.Manager

Ms Gardner,

one month after issuing questions to your department about the swine flu “pandemic” and the swine flu vaccine, I have still not received answers.

According to video footage of a vial of CSL’s Panvax H1N1 Vaccine seen shown on television last week, the vaccine contains Thiomersal, which is nearly 50% mercury by weight.

What else does the vaccine contain? (See the attached message history for a list of possible contents of interest, including MF59 or squalene)

What is different about this swine flu vaccine in terms of manufacture and testing?

In what way(s), if any, does the WHO pandemic level, and/or equivalent Australian medical emergency status affect the development and usage of the vaccine and the liability that the manufacture will (or will not) face in the case of problems?

To Dr Richard David, if you are able to address these questions (please refer to the message history below), please do.

Bradfield Resident, NSW
Thursday 3 September 2009

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