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Still no answers from the Government about the swine flu pandemic and vaccines

Posted by bradfieldresident on 18 August 2009

Nearly two weeks have passed since Jamie Geysen received my Questions about Pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza email, passed on by Fay Gardner, Assistant Secretary of the Health Protection Policy Branch of the Department of Health and Ageing. I have directed my question back to Fay Gardner, with related information and qestions such as:

  • An article in the Illawarra Mercury (Appin girl, 6, trials swine flu vaccine, Mon 10 Aug 09) about a young girl with a suppressed immune system whose mother was desperate to have her be part of the vaccine trials
  • Baxter exported live avian flu in an “experimental vaccine” that was not supposed to contain avian flu virus at all to 18 countries in 2009; this “weaponised” Baxter vaccine came from a BSL3 (Biosafetly Level 3) facility where such a “mistake” could not have accidentally occurred
  • What external testing will be done on the Australian vaccine?
  • Large numbers of illness, disablement and death caused by 1976 swine flu vaccinations
  • Claims that pandemic H1N1 influenza is a man-made virus, with swine, avian and human influenza components
  • Greece and the UK have announced population-wide vaccination programs – what is Australia’s plan?

The email to Ms Gardner is viewable at:

Below are some references for the contaminated Baxter vaccine incident.

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