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Tue 29 Sep 09 | From: Jillian Skinner MP | Re: Stop the Coercive and Mandatory Immunisation (NSW) AHFA Petition

Posted by bradfieldresident on 29 September 2009

[This letter is in response to an email sent for the Stop the Coercive and Mandatory Immunisation (NSW) petition on the Health Petitions Australia website. Postal mail dated “29 SEP 2009”]

Jillian Skinner MP
Member for North Shore
Deputy NSW Opposition Leader
Shadow Minister for Health

Letter from Jillian Skinner MP (2009-09-29)

Letter from Jillian Skinner MP (2009-09-29)

29 September 2009

Dear […]

Thank you for your email outlining your concerns about the mandatory immunisation of health workers.

I have reviewed numerous scientific studies into vaccination and have consulted with many groups and individuals, so I do understand that vaccination is an issue that attracts strong views on both sides.

However, on balance, I believe that there is great value in the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing potentially deadly illnesses, and that it is imperative that health workers are vaccinated to protect both themselves and their patients.

Thank you again for contacting me about this very important issue.

Yours sincerely


Jillian Skinner MP

Electorate office 3/40 Yeo Street, Neutral Bay 2089 Phone 9909 2594 Fax 9909 2654
Parliamentary Office Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000 Phone 9230 3080 Fax 9230 3406
Email Website


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